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The development of the internet has opened the door for people and companies to communicate and provide service like never before. One person can reach millions of people without ever leaving their own home or office. All a person has to do is have a well designed web page that illustrates the content that is being communicated. A well designed website starts with a web hosting service that gives people the ability to build their website.

Understanding the Various Web Hosting Sites
A web hosting site gives people the ability to create a web page that can accessed by others using the internet. A web host allows people a set amount of space on a server to take care of business. They give people the chance to connect with others using the internet. A person developing a website will have different needs depending on the complexity of the web page they are trying to build. According to Nick Reese, a published author and writer, web hosting can be categorized into three different types.

To really know what kind of hosting service you may need for your web page it is important to understand the differences between hosting providers. Since people want their website to be high quality here is a description of VPS and Dedicated hosting services mixed with advantages and disadvantages of each host.

A Look at Dedicated Hosting
A dedicated server hosting is considered by some to be a top of the line way to build a website page. Some of the benefits of a dedicated hosting service are.

A dedicated hosting server may be top of the line but it also comes with some disadvantages.

Understanding Cloud VPS Hosting
A virtual private server allows people to share space on a single server. VPS can also be thought of as a managed server hosting system that provides an IT backed setup. Dedicated hosting and VPS are fairly similar but there are some differenced. There are several advantages that come with using a VPS hosting service.

Despite all of the advantages of VPS hosting there are some disadvantages that come with using the service. One big problem with VPS is that you will be competing with other web page owners for resources. You may experience slower loan times and risk losing business because of the speed. A second problem comes if you have to take care of updating your software every time there is a change to the server. You may also have to share an address with another website. Having to share with another site may keep your site from being picked up by search engines.

In the past few years the Cloud has made website creation and maintenance more effective. VPS mixed with the Cloud allows server provides the ability to make several copies of a hosted website just in case the main server crashes or has to be taken offline for updates and maintenance. The cost to have a server backed by the cloud varies in price. But if you are looking for the best choice in providers, then it may prove beneficial to find a host that is back by the Cloud.