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Hard Drive

Server Access

Monthly Transfer


Dedicated Silver

Intel Celeron 2.0ghz

2 GB


Full Control IP KVM

500 GB

50 MB

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Silver
Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Silver
$35 / month
$50 / month

Dedicated Gold

Intel E7400 Core2 Duo 2.8ghz

4 GB


Full Control IP KVM

1,000 GB

80 MB

Dedicated Linux Hosting
Dedicated Windows Server Hosting
$80 / month
$95 / month

Dedicated Platinum

Intel Q9400 Core2 Quad 2.8ghz

8 GB


Full Control IP KVM

2,000 GB

100 MB

Dedicated Platinum Linux Hosting
Dedicated Windows Hosting
$120 / month
$135 / month

Why Choose Flexhost Dedicated Server Hosting?

Server Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

Our 99.9% uptime guarantee isn't just talk, we actually put our money where our mouth is. Any downtime over 0.1% and we start reducing your bill every minute, we're that confident.

Server KVM Access

IP KVM Access

Gain complete control of your server from any computer with our IP KVM access. This secure connection gives you the same access to your server as you would at the physical terminal.

File Backup

File Level Backup

Have piece of mind that your businesses information is secure. All dedicated servers feature file level backup allowing you to recover your last saved files should a problem arise.

Remote Server Power Control

Remote Power Control

We allow our customers complete access and control of their servers. So when you are running updates or installing software we give you the ability to power your machine on or off anytime a need arises.

24 Hour Serverl Support

24 Hour Support

Our highly trained technical support staff is available 24/7/365. We understand time is money and any problems you run into need to be resolved quickly, which is why we feature a 1 hour response guarantee.