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When running a business, it is very important to pursue all marketing avenues and opportunities to reach the largest customer base possible to bring in sales. Many businesses have taken their brick-and-mortar company and expanded it to introduce an online equivalent to make profits from Internet shoppers.

This means that you are ready for the next business step: creating a website. When creating a website, a question that might have popped up was who you will have as your web server hosting provider.

Many people rely on shared server hosting for their Internet business needs. But if you expect your internet business website to grow as large as your brick-and-mortar company, you may want to invest in dedicated server hosting.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?
Dedicated server hosting means that you are the sole person who has access and is using the server. It is not self-hosting where you have created a computer program to act as a server host for your application. Instead, you are renting the server from an independent hosting provider.

Having a dedicated server is ideal when you have an online business that will undergo massive expansion. You will have the resources of the entire server for your business rather than being a part of a shared server hosting where you would have to share the server's resources with many other clients belonging to the hosting provider.

Dedicated servers can get expensive versus being a part of a shared server hosting. And you will have to find the right hosting provider whether you choose a small hosting provider business or go with a world-renown company such as Windows Server Hosting from Microsoft that provides shared and dedicated servers.

Why Should You Get A Dedicated Server?
According to Dedicated Server Hosting Guide, you should consider a dedicated server if you expect massive expansion of your online business. You will need the extra resources if you have high traffic volume. Many dedicated server providers will give you optimal front end and back end tools along with the standard features.

There are numerous advantages that come with a dedicated server. You will have 24/7 online technical support and fast upgrades that won't take up too much of your valuable online business time. In addition, you can completely customize the dedicated server so that it is more suited toward you specific business needs.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Dedicated Server Versus Using Shared Hosting or VPS Servers?
Like any product or service, there will be advantages and disadvantages compared to other services in the same industry. For dedicated servers, hosting providers offering this service compete against virtual private servers, shared server hosting and self hosting server services.

To find out the advantages over other web hosting servers, you will need a bit of background concerning each:

Dedicated servers have advantages over other web hosting servers mainly due to the fact that you are renting a server that is dedicated strictly to your online business needs unlike shared server hosting. This also means you don't have to worry about managing and servicing it yourself if you experience problems, which you would if you were self-hosting.

While VPS hosting gives you a bit more privacy on the server to operate your programs for the web, you will experience restrictions such as having certain software programs not being able to run on the VPS, along with having limited disk space and processor time. You won't experience such restrictions with a dedicated server.

The only disadvantage that dedicated servers have over other web hosting services is the price. Renting your own dedicated server can become quite expensive compared to the competition.

Other Uses For Dedicated Servers
Besides growing your online business and managing the large amount of web traffic visiting your site, you can use dedicated servers for many other purposes. Here are 4 other uses for a dedicated server, according to Dedicated Server School:

Dedicated Servers May Be Your Best Option
You need to consider whether it is within your budget to take this path in web hosting for your business. If it is, and you expect large business growth with high-volume website traffic, dedicated servers may be your most viable option.