Ways to Brand Your WordPress Administration Panel

The administration panel in your WordPress hosting allows you to control all aspects of your blog. However, you may not be a big fan of all the WordPress branding on the login screen or the backend. In some cases, you’re setting up a site for one of your clients and you want your branding front and center. In either situation, you have a few options to get the look you want.  Continue reading

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Is It Time to Change Your CMS?

Whether you have WordPress hosting or Drupal, your content management system has served you well for a long time. However, you may run into problems that indicate you should consider changing your CMS. While changing your website to a new system can be an extensive and time-consuming process, it’s better than working with something that doesn’t meet your present or near future needs. Here are a few signs that you should begin your new CMS research.  Continue reading

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The Benefits of Using HTTPS on Your Website

You see most websites using HTTPS on pages with forms that submit sensitive information, such as a credit card number or your social security number. However, prevalent cybersecurity threats have encouraged a trend to protect the website completely with this technology. What benefits do you end up seeing if you get a SSL certificate for your Linux hosting and implement this change?  Continue reading

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The Top 5 Web-Based Programming Languages

When it comes to web-based programming languages, there are a lot of choices available. The world now runs on the web: from smartphones to cloud-based applications, web programming is one of the fastest growing fields. For those who are interested in breaking into the industry or expanding their skill set, there are a few exceptionally powerful languages that should be considered. Continue reading

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