Joomla Hosting


Disk Space

Bandwidth / mo

Wire Speed

# of IP

Joomla Hosting Silver

512 MB

20 GB

750 GB

100 Mbps

1 Included

$25 / month

Joomla Hosting Gold

1,024 MB

40 GB

1,500 GB

100 Mbps

1 Included

$50 / month

Joomla Hosting Platinum

2,048 MB

80 GB

2,500 GB

100 Mbps

1 Included

$75 / month

joomla hostingWhat can you get from Joomla and Joomla hosting and how do you choose the best hosting for Joomla. For those who don’t know, Joomla is a content management system, or CMS, that can help you build websites and online applications. It is also an open source system that people choose to use for their online needs because it is free.

Joomla can be used to create a wide array of websites and online apps. As a CMS, it helps website owners keep a close eye on everything that happens to the content of their site. The content that they can manage using Joomla include even the most basic text and images they may want to upload, or it could be music, videos and whatever the site owner wants to share via their website.

Some people use Joomla for more than just personal site usage. Some people use Joomla for their e-commerce site. Others use this platform to create their own online magazine, to put up a forum or to create a community site for their school or church. Whatever the reason may be, with Joomla being as easy to use and as versatile as it is, people use it to make websites.

The question now is, if Joomla is free to use, why should I opt for Joomla hosting? Should I consider VPS hosting for my Joomla site? Is it really necessary for me to have hosting for my site?

While Joomla is indeed freeware that can enable you to create and upload content for a website that you create, without hosting, it won’t go live. You can liken this to a car and its engine. You may have a way to create the car’s body but without an engine, it won’t run. The hosting is the engine.

For your Joomla crafted site to be able to go online, you will need to find the best hosting service that supports Joomla. There are quite a number of these online that you can choose from and choosing the best one for your needs is important, if you want your site to run the way you want it to run. When choosing, there are a lot of thing to consider.

Just as you would choose any hosting service, choosing Joomla hosting will often entail looking at pricing, bandwith, storage and what basic features you will require, depending on what your site needs. You also need to make sure that the hosting solution you are eyeing is compatible with Joomla and meets the basic requirements needed for it to install properly.

Some of the things you need to ensure that a hosting service has include XML support, MySQL support, Zlib compression support and so much more. You also need to check if the hosting provider that permits you to modify settings on your server to meet specific recommendations or settings like, Safe Mode off, Display Errors off and many more. In the end, it all comes down to finding Joomla hosting that does all this and has support and reliability.